Treating Patients with Multiple Cardiac Conditions

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide. Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) have been put into place to optimize care for patients with cardiovascular conditions. Cardiac guidelines contain specific considerations focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of treating patients with multiple cardiac conditions.

The highest percentage of patients with multiple cardiac conditions is among the older adult population. Therefore, CPGs need to address the complex implications of comorbidity for the care of cardiovascular patients. It is often necessary to deliberate between which condition requires the most immediate treatment and intervention, while also taking into consideration the other medical factors that are affecting patients with multiple cardiac conditions. Cardiac guidelines are continuing to be developing to explicitly focus on the need for chronic conditions to be addressed, with the specific focus on those with multiple chronic conditions. Effective management of people with multiple cardiac conditions is a priority in providing optimal care.

Cardiac Conditions