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Medicare Starts Paying for Chronic Care: First Non-Fee for Service Medicare Starts Paying for Chronic Care: First Non-Fee for Service

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) in the Federal Register July, 2013 revealed the first non-fee-for service reimbursement model to meet the complex care needs of patients with more than one chronic condition.

Materials from CMS Innovation Center 11/10 Webinar featuring Dr. Patrick Conway posted

A recording and slides from the CMS Innovation Center special webinar held November 10, 2014 are now available.

Using drugs and supplements together is risky, FDA warns

The FDA says it can be dangerous to take dietary supplements such as vitamins along with drugs.

Preventing Chronic Disease

CDC Site where you will find other downloadable articles and information on Preventing Chronic Disease and peer reviewed information on multiple chronic conditions.

First ER Morphine Designed to Deter Abuse When Crushed

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved new labeling for Embeda (morphine sulfate and naltrexone HCl; Pfizer) extended-release (ER) capsules to include abuse-deterrence studies.

Updates to Healthy People 2020: Target Diabetes Type 2 and Chronic Kidney Disease

The CDC has made updates to Health People 2020 - primarly on Type2 Diabetes and Chronic Kideny Disease.

Agency for Health, Research and Quality Self-Management Update Agency for Health, Research and Quality Self-Management Update

Self-management can reduce risk factors, promote adherence to medication, increase physical activity and reduced hospital re-admission rates

Agency maps obesity prevalence among U.S. states

Twenty-three U.S. states had an adult obesity prevalence between 25% and 30% in 2013, while 18 states had between 30% and 35% and two showed a prevalence of 35% or higher, according to a CDC report.

Persistent Pain in Older Patients: Best Practices

Persistent pain in later life is prevalent, costly, and often disabling to patients.

New NIH research awards to address multiple chronic conditions

Three new research awards — totaling up to $19.4 million over five years — will address the growing proportion of the U.S. population that has multiple chronic medical conditions.