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Culture & Health Literacy

The ideas people have about health, the languages they use and the health literacy skills they have, reflect their cultures. Organizations can increase communication effectiveness when they recognize and address cultural differences that may contribute to miscommunication. Our website

Free Health Literacy Resources

Community organizations are incorporating health literacy strategies to contribute to the well-being of their community. Check out our website for more resources community organizations offer for your communication needs.

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Side effects mild, brief with single antidepressant dose of intravenous ketamine

Safety data analyzed from five NIH inpatient clinical trials

USPSTF Releases Ninth Annual Report to Congress on Evidence Gaps

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has released its “Ninth Annual Report to Congress on High-Priority Evidence Gaps for Clinical Preventive Services.”

In this annual report, the USPSTF highlights research gaps from its recent recommendations related to primary care prevention of mental illness, substance use, and violence. These important topics affect the health and well-being…

AHRQ Evidence-Based Practice Update

Treatment for Acute Pain: An Evidence Map

News and Updates for the Patient and Family

Diabetes is Different for Women

Diabetes doesn’t treat men and women the same. Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease (the most common diabetes complication) by about four times in women but only about two times in men. Women are also at higher risk of other diabetes complications, like blindness.

If you’re…

Living Well With Diabetes

You don’t get really good at dealing with diabetes overnight. But over time, you’ll figure out how to go from getting it done to taking it in stride. See if any of these tips are familiar (or worth trying!).


Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again: treats at work, big holiday meals, edible gifts—and it all goes on for weeks. How do you stick to your diabetes meal plan when temptations are everywhere?

Not to worry! No food needs to be on the naughty list. You can have a serving of the dishes you really love and can’t get any other time of year. Being active can help make up for eating more than usual and…